Microfibre "Perlina Special"

Very soft yarn made of 100% microfibre.
Each ball weighs 100 grams and “measures” 340 meters.
Very twisted yarn, we recommend working with crochet n° 3,5.
Solid and bright colors will guarantee your work a special effect.

Microfiber offers numerous advantages:

Softness – it is soft, even for the most delicate skin.
Breathability – thanks to its density of fibers, it allows the skin to breathe, guaranteeing a correct body temperature.
Washing – it is easy to wash both by hand and in the washing machine.
Antipilling – DO NOT pinch and does not itch.
Use – it is a yarn for all seasons, easy to work both by hand and machine.

Try it! you will be surprised by its multiple qualities!

  • Microfibra Perlina Special Navy (Col. 10)

  • Microfibra Perlina Special Grey (Col. 24)

  • Microfibra Perlina Special Brown (Col. 4)

  • Microfibra Perlina Special Black (Col. 20)

  • Microfibre Perlina Special Fire Brick (Col. 17)

  • Microfibre Perlina Special Red (Col. 18)

  • Microfibre Perlina Special Green (Col. 23)

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